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Vanda Engine Grew Up With iPage

  Yes, All of these services for just $80 for 3 years! Very good deal! And more important, our website is now fast, we don’t get 505 errors, no one sees Server Not Found error while visiting our website, All search engines can crawl our website, and uptime is almost 100%. Additionally, we learned how

Brainstorming: Prefabs

We decided to start creating a prefab system in VE. Here’s our idea for creating prefabs: Modern prefabs. Each prefab may consist of geometries and geometry instances, lights, cameras, physics actors, LODs, materials, skeletons, waters, particles, etc. Vanda Engine will support two modes: Prefab mode and VScene mode. In prefab mode, you can create modern prefabs. In VScene mode, you can create your levels based on these prefabs.

Introduction to Vanda Engine

Hi. Thanks for watching our video and welcome to Vanda Engine. Vanda Engine is the new FREE and open source development platform for Games and real-time interactive 3D. Featuring a technology called VScenes, the engine allows anyone to begin building by constructing over many layers or as we call VScenes. Please Check out the following

Compatible 3D Programs

We have tested and verified that Vanda Engine 1 is compatible with the following 3D programs. This page is updated frequently. Autodesk 3ds Max Compatible with OpenCOLLADA exporter Autodesk Maya Compatible with OpenCOLLADA exporter AC3D Compatible with COLLADA exporter Blender Compatible with COLLADA exporter Cinema 4D Compatible with COLLADA 1.4 exporter Google Sketchup Compatible with