Firmex Data Room Review

The best thing you can do for your business is to equip it with modern technology to streamline multiple processes and improve security to ensure smooth and easy operations at all times. Virtual data rooms serve as one such solution that facilitates business operations and helps you close deals and store documents. In this article, we will take a look at one of the leading VDR providers, Firmex, and look at all the features of its offerings.

Firmex Data Room – Overall Characteristics

Firmex is a unique and unconventional VDR solution that combines four major providers with small startups.  Data Room will be able to provide you with a wide range of functionality due to its tremendous experience but at the same time reasonable prices and constant updates. This proves that the company does not stand still and is constantly evolving in its desire to provide its customers with the latest and greatest, so if you too want to keep up with the times, this provider can be your ideal option.

Even though the company is still quite young, it has already earned recognition in the market and has more than 70,000 loyal customers today. In Firmex’s customer base you can find major banking and law firms, as well as investment banks, mining, and pharmaceutical firms. As you can see the list is quite diverse.

The developers of firmex data room have emphasized the program on mergers and acquisitions, and therefore the space has a large selection of options for communication, automation, and speeding up the transaction process. In addition to all the necessary features, the company provides an excellent support team.

The main features of Firmex VDR

Below we will describe in more detail the main features and functions that Firmex VDR is ready to provide you:

  • Uniformity and Transparency

With Firmex you will have no questions about paying for the services that the data room provides. You will be able to control your subscription, and in return, the company guarantees a transparent payment scheme and guarantees the absence of hidden fees.

  • Easy to use

You do not need to worry about how the new system will fit into your team. VDR support team does everything possible to help you get used to the program as quickly as possible, providing assistance and training on important programs and features. Technical support is available at any time of the day or night and will be able to professionally advise you on any issue relating to their product.

  • Fast drag and drop feature

The program interface is quite simple and so is the document organization system. Upload sensitive data to the data room space using the drag and drop feature and automatic indexing to speed up the process. In addition, you will also have the ability to download all files in a single click using mass drag and drop.

  • Effective management of individual users and groups

Once you have added all the users you need for the M&A transaction, you can set permissions both individually and at the group level. According to these permissions, the users will act all the time afterward.

  • Monitoring and reporting

The space allows you to monitor all the actions that take place on the platform. You will be able to see what actions were performed by the user, which documents, how they use the information, and so on.

  • Advanced Security Features

Put watermarks on your documents and control how they interact with them. That means you can restrict printing, copying, editing, and forwarding of documents, block access to certain PII addresses, as well as set time limits for access to them.