How to Create Password Protect Dropbox Folder

After the active digitalization of mankind, the new best and convenient way to store and share information has become cloud-based storage. Dropbox is one of the most popular of these spaces.  In this article, we will explain how to set passwords on your Dropbox data.

Why protect folders in Dropbox?

Any of your personal information can be a big chance for a cybercriminal to get the most out of you, and you in turn will face terrible consequences, loss of money and information. That’s why Dropbox developers, just like any other self-respecting online repository, have a built-in data encryption system to protect your files from leaks and unauthorized access. In addition, Dropbox offers a password protection function for your folders.

To dispel your doubts right away, this feature by no means means means that the file cannot be shared, you can still send information to family and friends while still using the folder sharing option.

How to password protect Dropbox folders?

Below we will detail the instructions on how to password protect the dropbox folder in three easy steps.

How to set a password?

In order to set a password on a particular folder, you need to do everything as described below:

  • Using a browser, log in to your Dropbox online storage account
  • Choose a folder or a single file that you would like to set a password for and click on the “share” button
  • You will be presented with a list of things you can do with the file, click on Options Links
  • After that, you should see an option “only people with a password”, click on it, and that means that only people to who you send the file will have access to it
  • After that click on the “set password” option think of a strong password and enter it
  • There, you can also notice the opportunity to set the expiration date of the document, after the expiration of the period of time that you have set all the users who have access to a file to lose it
  • Do not forget to save all the changes you have made

This is it. After that, you can copy and share the link with anyone you want. To do the same steps, but in a mobile app you must:

  • Log in to the application and open the file you want
  • Click the dots in the top corner on the right
  • Click on the “access control” tab then on settings for the link, access to the link, and people with a password
  • Enter your password and then save your changes

How do I set an expiration date with my documents?

In addition to its main function, which has already been described above, the expiration feature also allows you to disable file downloads from a shared link. To activate the feature you must:

  • Log in to Dropbox
  • Click again on the “share” tab next to the file and go to the link settings
  • Oppose the expiration feature with the document, click “on.”
  • Select an expiration date during which the file will be viewable and save the changes

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is another precaution that protects your login space and minimizes the risks of unauthorized login and password cracking. To enable the feature you must:

  • Go to your Dropbox account and click on your avatar
  • Go to settings and select the “security” tab where you will see the two-factor authentication option
  • Activate this option
  • Enter your password again
  • Press “Medium” and you will receive a security code via SMS to your cell phone